Proprietary fermentation technology

Lactobacillus fermentation technology
without carbohydrate
(Japanese Patent Application No. 2015-224153)

Normal lactobacillus fermentation

Normal lactobacillus fermentation

In ordinary lactobacillus fermentation , add sugar as a fermentation aid for increase the speed of fermentation. As a result, lactobacillales eat to the added sugar and proliferate and glycoside isoflavone is maintained join carbohydrate. Beside, 80% of the glycoside isoflavone is discharged outside the body without being absorbed.

Our lactobacillus fermentation

Our lactobacillus fermentation

Our skill is start fermentation without adding any sugar as a fermentation. The lactobacillus start eating dietary fiber of glycoside isoflavone in soymilk first. Therefor, the glycoside isoflavone is converted into an aglycone isoflavone in which sugar is not bound, and most of it is absorbed into the body.

The technology to ferment soymilk without carbohydrates with vegetable lactobacillus is The technology established through collaborative research with the Fukuoka industorial technology center Biological Food Research Institute, and jointly filed a manufacturing patent applicate with Fukuoka prefecture .(Japanese Patent Application No. 2015-224153)


Although the above graph shows the data of quantitative test of isoflavone after fermentation, it can be confirmed that the glycoside type isoflavone is extremely decreased and the aglycone type isoflavone is mostly occupied.

Isofravone data

Our Soygult compared to other soy products, aglycon isofravone ratio is overwhelming.
“Soygult” has the aglycon isoflavone outstanding ratio even if it is compared with miso which is the same fermented food made from soy beans.

Our product “Daizu de dekita Soygult” is a product that can maximize the effect of soy isoflavone to ease bone health and menstrual women’s troubles.