Soy isoflavone

What a wonderful soybeans are!
      The amazing power of soy isoflavone.

Soy beans are indispensable food as Tofu, Miso, and Natto in your life. The eating soybean like ordinary, it contains important ingredients that support our health. Soybeans contain proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins as the mainingredients. In addition, saponin, lecithin, soy isoflavone, etc. are included as trace ingredients.

Today, we are attention to the topical ingredient “soy isoflavone” which is drawing attention from the point of preventive medicine.

What’s Isoflavone?

“Soybean isoflavone” is a type of flavonoid that is contained mainly in soybean embryos and skin.
It is contained in many plants of the leguminous family such as soybean, kuzu (mainly roots), clover and so on. “Flavonoid” is a polyphenium widely contained in plants that is one of the major classifications of nor ingredients. In addition to isoflavone, catechin, anthocyanin, quercetin, rutin etc. are belong to flavonoid. These are ingredients of the topic now.

Types of soy isoflavones

There are 12 components of soy isoflavone, three kinds fo glycoside such as genistin, daidzin, and glycitin. And there are three kinds of non – glycoside (aglycone type) such as genistein, daidzein and glycitein.

Glycoside type soy isoflavone accounts for around 70% of the whole isoflavone, 80% of which is excreted without being absorbed into the body. On the other hand, as soy isoflavone (aglycone type) of non-glycoside enters the body, it is absorbed as it is, and it works especially for middle-aged and older women.
older women

Function of soy isoflavone

Soy isoflavone is said to be one of the phytoestrogens because its chemical structure resembles female hormone(estrogen), and it has the effect like female hormone.

The glycoside type soy isoflavone cannot bind to the estrogen receptor in the body and It changes to non-glycoside soy isoflavone (aglycone type) in the body, binds to the estrogen receptor, and shows an action resembling estrogen. By this action, soy isoflavone is said to be useful for prevention of osteoporosis(osteoporosis), alleviation of menopausal disorder, and so on.

The savior in an aging society!

Old couple
In a super-high-interest society where one in four people of the population is said to be over 65 years old, The body making that does not become an illness is more important than anything.

The fermented soybean foods inherited as wisdom of the predecessor from the old days.
We aim for a bright and healthy social life by tackling this soybean and fermentation, and we are doing our utmost to develop regional agriculture and preserve beautiful satoyama.