Company outline

The health supported by soybeans.
    The possibilities extend to infinity.

Our hometown Chikuzen-machi is boasting the achievement of receiving the Minister of Agriculture and Minister Award twice.
Early 17 years passed since we started agriculture in this town.
We were growing strawberries from autumn to spring and grow soybeans from early summer to fall and supply them to group companies.
We finded the great potential of soybeans through this proccess, we started to soy milk factory on January 2012.
Then we are an accredited company of the Sixth Industrialization Total Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on May 2012.

Company Profile

Company name Miraclesoygult Co., Ltd.
Head office 693-47 Kawazu Iizuka-shi Fukuoka 8200067 Japan.
Nogata Kenzai Group Bld.
Phone: 0948-21-8823 / Fax: 0948-21-8623
Factory 913-1 Kurita Chikuzenmachi Asakura-gun Fukuoka 8380801 Japan.
Phone: 0946-22-0039 / Fax: 0946-22-1223
President Tugizo Hano
Capital stock 1 Million JPY
Establish May. 9,2017
Main stockholder Nogata Kenzai Co., Ltd.
Hanatateyama Agricultural Research Institute Inc.
Group company Noogata Kenzai Co., Ltd.
Chiiki Tyuou Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.
Hano Co., Ltd.
Kitasyoji Co., Ltd.
Koga Mokuzai Co., Ltd.
Don Mark Co., Ltd.
Chuo Seika Ichiba Co., Ltd.
Hanatateyama Agricultural R.I Inc.
Takatori Foods Co., Ltd.

Nogata Kenzai Co., Ltd.
Nogata Kenzai Co., Ltd.

Main factory of Miraclesoygult.
Main Factory of Miraclesoygult..

Hanatateyama farm